Just so we’re clear, here’s my policy on review requests, book reviews, and my ratings system.

Review Requests

When I first started reviewing books on this blog, I was open to review requests because I know how important reviews are to authors. However, after a flood of people swarmed me with requests, I had to shut the virtual door on them.

This is not because I don’t care about an author’s new book or how much work they put into publishing it. It’s simply because I’m only one person and I can only read so much, so fast. So here is the new update to my review request policy.

I am currently not accepting new review requests.

So please, please do not ask me. I will politely turn you down. It’s no hard feelings. I simply do not have enough time right now. If I decide to change my request policy in the future, I’ll make a blog post stating I’m open for accepting reviews. Until then, no requests. Thank you.

Review Policy

I review a variety of books which can range from science fiction to romance, classics, literary, nonfiction, graphic novels, and more. I write honest reviews and try to give my opinions in a way that’s not harsh but respectful.

In my reviews, I disclose how I obtained the book, my first impressions of the story, the plot, characters, and my overall opinions of the book’s pros and cons.

Ratings System

The rating system for my reviews is similar to Goodreads on a scale of 1 to 5 stars.

5 Stars: I loved it!
I enjoyed the book from cover to cover and it has a special place on my lists of favorite reads.

4 Stars: I really liked it.
Good but not great. I’ll recommend this book because it was an awesome read and only had minor issues with the storyline, characters, etc.

3 Stars: I liked it.
This book may be interesting but has a few more issues. Depending on the quality of the individual title, I may or may not recommend a book in this category.

2 Stars: It was OK.
This book is a no-go. I read it for the sake of finishing but didn’t enjoy the read, so there’s no recommendation.

1 Star: I didn’t like it one bit.
Hopefully, I’ll never come across a book that lands a one star review from me. It’s possible but I really don’t want a book to fall in this category.

DNF: I did not finish or gave up reading.
If I don’t finish a book for some reason, I’ll be sure to tell you why.

Also, please refer to my blog’s disclaimer.