I’ve Moved to WordPress



Yes, it’s official. I’ve moved from Blogger back to WordPress.

I originally started my blog on WordPress a few years ago under the name of The Timekeeper’s Journal. But I didn’t like some of the limitations a free WordPress blog offered, so I switched to Blogger and I loved it. I bought a domain name and changed my blog to Book Reviews by Lanise Brown.

However, I’ve had way too many issues with Blogger over the last six months, with the template, with widgets, with the blog roll, Google Friend Connect, Feedburner, etc. So I finally decided to move back to WordPress. Except I’m self-hosted this time.

Being self-hosted offers more freedom than a free blog on WordPress or Blogger. I have a wealth of plug-ins, I can do anything to my theme, a better dashboard, and, seriously, did I mention the plug-ins? They’re amazing. It’s been a couple of days since I moved and, so far, everything’s transferred over smoothly.

So, how about you? Have you had any issues with Blogger or WordPress and moved platforms or thought about moving?

I’m Back, Happy New Year, and a New Blog Design

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone. I’m back blogging again after a couple months on hiatus due to some technical difficulties and a dead laptop. Sadly, I’ve fallen behind on a lot of book reviews but I haven’t fallen behind on reading. This year I actually passed my Goodreads reading goal of 100 books. Which is an awesome achievement except for one important fact.

The majority of my reads for 2014 weren’t novels. They were comic books. I’ve got comic book fever and there’s no curing me. I’ve been devouring The Walking Dead and Saga series. I’ve really come to love comic books and graphic novels in 2014 and hope to read more in 2015. I plan on reviewing these comics once I get caught up on my backlog of book reviews.

As we’re entering a new year, I’ve given this blog a new design that’s minimalistic, responsive, and fun. This design looks great on mobile phones and tablets, which is an upgrade from the last design. Anyway, I’m looking forward enjoying this year and I hope you are too. Happy reading!

Happy New Year image designed by Freepik.