Q is for a Unique Micro Library

letter qOk, so I’m taking a chance today and making a bit of a stretch. I couldn’t find another city, state, country or anything that started with the letter Q and that had a fantastic library. I had a hard enough time with the letter Q during last year’s A to Z Challenge. So I went completely out into left field and decided to share a unique micro library.

Did you know micro libraries exist around the globe? And this unique book stop is not the most unusual I’ve seen but it is super creative. This micro library is located in a park in Bogota, Colombia. It was the idea of the Paradero Para Libros Para Parques (PPP) program in Colombia that helps promote literacy across the county.

And this library is not alone. There is one of these little book stands in about 47 neighborhoods in Bogota with a total of 100 across the country. There’s also a volunteer that works at each stand a few hours a week to help people check books out and answer questions. How cool is that?

A Unique Micro Library

Paradero Para Libros Para Parques
Source: Bilingual Librarian
Paradero para libros para parques
Source: Flickr

See you tomorrow for the letter R.

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