The Watcher’s Daughter by C.J. Flynn – New Release

The Watcher's Daughter

Author C.J. Flynn’s debut novel The Watcher’s Daughter is now available. If you’re a fan of paranormal fantasy, you’ll certainly want to check out this first book in The Mythos of Cimme series.

About The Watcher’s Daughter

It’s not everyday that your grandfather tries to strangle you with his own bare hands.

When Allie Stuart leaves the nursing home, she’s beginning to feel like the fates are piling on a bit too much. Her grandfather has lost his mind, a long-time relationship is failing fast, and migraines are starting to do strange things to her vision.

Facing a forced sabbatical from her research job, she sets out to shake things up with an expose of strange conspiracy theories. Her work catches the attention of Nathan Carter, someone who likes to debate weird supernatural events and who believes that everything from aliens to the undead walk among us. She never anticipates that agreeing to meet him and his merry band of paranoid conspiracy theorists will set her on a path to discovering the truth behind what she has long thought are far-fetched modern myths.

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About C.J. Flynn

CJ Flynn is an author, farmer, and mother. She has been writing for most of her life, and has used her skills professionally in writing technical documentation, online articles, and marketing. Her first love has always been fiction.

After moving back to begin a small family farm in her home state of Ohio, CJ left behind the technical and marketing writing to focus solely on her fiction. The Mythos of Cimme series is her first published fiction work.

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