The A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal Is Here!

A to Z Theme Reveal

The A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal is finally here. If you’re taking part in the A to Z Challenge in April then today is the big day to reveal your what you’ll be blogging about during the challenge. My theme is the same as last year’s.

It’s not because I was too lazy to come up with a new theme. Really, it’s not. In fact, I had such a blast creating posts for last year’s A to Z Challenge that I decided my work wasn’t finished.

What’s My Theme?

Last April, my theme was blogging about the Most Beautiful Libraries from Around the World. And next month, I’m continuing that theme with a new batch of breathtaking and extraordinary libraries from across the globe.

I have to admit, the list I’ve seen of the world’s favorite reading places is astounding. I could probably blog about libraries for the next few months! So if you happened to enjoy last year’s challenge, you’re sure to like the literary eye candy that’s in my new lineup.

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s in store.

It’s Not Too Late To Join

If you haven’t joined the April A to Z Challenge yet, you can still add your blog to the list over at the Blogging From A to Z website. The challenge begins April 1st.

The Great Bloghop

Now that I’ve revealed my theme, it’s time to check out everyone else’s themes for the challenge. I’ll be visiting the blog list below to get a feel of what other people will be posting, which can range from books to art, animals, food, writing, you name it. I hope you’ll be visiting too.

So let’s bookmark some favorite blogs to check out during the challenge next month. I’m currently #86 on the linky list. Be sure to bookmark me and check back on April 1st. I’ll see you then.

Visit the awesome A to Z Linky List of fantastic bloggers!

26 thoughts on “The A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal Is Here!

  1. What a unique theme . I never would have thought of something so interesting and fresh. I am intrigued and I’ve only had a glimpse of your photos. I will most certainly be back in April for the tour.

    I’d better stop commenting from my phone. This is the third comment that has disappeared on me – midstream. I keep starting over and hoping that when the comment shows up, it won’t be in triplicate.

    I am hosting a little mystery game for my crime fiction theme. I will be awarding weekly prizes for solving daily clues and a grand prize for solving the murder mystery. I hope you will stop by and visit .
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