Review: Absorbed by Penelope Crowe

Absorbed Book Cover Absorbed
Penelope Crowe
October 4, 2011
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When Violet finds a beautiful but mysterious gift on her front doorstep, her sometimes missing and always abusive boyfriend Mick is not pleased. How will this gift change both of their lives forever?

Absorbed is a 16 page short story you do NOT want to read to the kids.

My Review

I don’t usually read horror stories; however, I made an exception when I found Penelope Crowe’s Absorbed for free on Amazon. This sixteen page short horror story is dark, grisly, and its plot gives me goosebumps. Absorbed details the transformation of a somewhat timid woman named Violet as she becomes twisted by an unexpected gift.

The gift I found on my porch was dressed in midnight-blue leather, and embossed in gold leaf. A spider web-thin mesh ribbon glittered in the sun. I placed the box on the window sill and watched it, expecting it to vanish. I knew it was mine because my name, Violet, was written in Victorian calligraphy on the attached card. It was on the front doorstep of my brownstone when I got home from work. I didn’t see the mailman drop it off, and none of my neighbors saw anything either. But it was mine. And I would open it eventually, but for now, I would look at it, hold it, and feel the lush leather that was fit for royalty.

Violet’s gift is a necklace that begins to absorb her life completely. The necklace grafts into her neck, and changes her from being the queen of graphic design to slowly likening herself to the Queen Anne Boleyn.

Unfortunately, Violet takes both verbal and physical abuse from her boyfriend Mick. And as the necklace embeds itself deeper and deeper into her skin, she decides to put an end to Mick’s abuse. It’s basically off with his head. Yet she doesn’t stop there. Another abusive boyfriend follows and Violet has bloody plans for him as well.

Absorbed is definitely entertaining. Its morbid ending left me a little happy that the main character stood up for herself but also disturbed by the woman she’d become. For the length of the story, its transformation of the main character, and the lingering feeling that this tale has a message reaching far deeper, I highly recommend Absorbed as a good read.

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