Which Famous Author Do You Write Like?

I didn’t like this little program at first, but I was toying around with it today and now it’s made me curious. The program is called: I Write Like. The idea is that you enter a selection of text you’ve written and the program matches your writing style with that of a famous author.

You can enter a part from your novel, a short story, blog post, a comment. Just so long as it’s a good portion of text, a few paragraphs. The program looked neat so I tried it out and pasted the first few chapters from my books. I received some strange results.

My romance comedy, A Servant and Two Masters, was matched with the style of Stephen King. Then I entered my entire draft, what I’ve written so far, for A Servant and Two Masters and I was still matched with Stephen King. That one leaves me scratching my head.

I also tested a few of my other writings and I was matched with James Joyce more times than I’d like to admit. Ugh. I even analyzed this blog post and the results are kind of funny…

Which Famous Author Do You Write Like?

I write like
H. P. Lovecraft
I Write Like by Mémoires, journal software.
Analyze your writing!

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  1. I had Cory Doctorow show up a couple time for some of my blog posts. I checked wiki and he’s actually a blogger! Haha, that’s fitting. He also writes science fiction and postcyberpunk. For postcyberpunk, I didn’t know such a genre existed.

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