Platform Challenge Day 4: Open a Twitter Account


Today’s task is super easy. Now that you’re on Facebook, you’re going to need another blue buddy. Yes, I’m talking about Twitter. It seems like the two social media sites are inseparable these days, and if you’re a writer you should have at least one. Here are Bob’s instructions for:

Day 4 of the Challenge

Open a Twitter account.

It takes less than 5 minutes to sign up, so have it: If you already have a Twitter account then kudos to you. But if you’re new to tweeting, like me, the site’s features can be a bit confusing.

So, here are a few of the basics for anyone just signing up to Twitter:

  • Make your profile appealing (pick a nice background).
  • Add a nice bio and photo.
  • Write your first Tweet.
  • Follow a few interesting people.
  • Learn about hashtags, re-tweets, and direct messages (see the links below).

As a newbie, I also found these how-to articles helpful:

It’s important to keep your account alive by tweeting at least a few times a week. Twitter is a great way to build a network, make friends, self-promote, and stay up to date on just about any subject. Having an account will come in handy as you continue to build your platform.

Get ready for Day 5. You’re going to need a magnifying glass.

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2 thoughts on “Platform Challenge Day 4: Open a Twitter Account

  1. I started using Twitter a couple of months ago and I’m not too sure about getting followers. I only recently learned about hashtags and whatnot, lol. Whenever I send out a tweet, like to #amwriting, I usually get a few new followers. And if their profiles look okay I’ll follow them back, especially if they’re authors. But I guess I should read more about how Twitter works. 🙂

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