Free Word Count Trackers for Writers

NaNoWriMo is approaching fast and to bring order to the chaos, you’ll want to keep track of your word count with free word count trackers, a spreadsheet, or word meter. You’ll also be happy to know these free word trackers will come in handy even after NaNo. Let’s get to the freebies:

NaNoWriMo Word Count Widgets

NaNoWriMo has an official word count widget that links WriMos to their accounts and automatically updates their stats. Of course, the year will update once NaNo starts. This word meter only works during November!

NaNoWriMo Manual Word Meter

Language Is A Virus has a simple manual NaNoWriMo word meter. You can set the word count, change the color of the progress bar, and then copy/paste the code to your site.

Word Meter Builder

Critique Circle’s progress bar can be placed on your blog, website, or in your forum signature. Just enter your word count and then copy/paste the html code to wherever you want the meter to appear. Be sure to use Critique Circle’s permalink option to save your word meter.

Progress Bar Meter

This progress bar uses a simple html code. You can manually update your word count, adjust the meter’s size, and change its color. Like the others, you simply copy/paste the meter code to you site.

Word Count Tracker

Another basic word tracker. When you want to update your word count, you’ll have to enter your progress manually on the All Freelance Writing site.

Word Count Meters

StoryToolz offers word meters and daily word count progress charts. You’ll have to register for an account to manage your word progress.

Writing Meters

For the html savvy, this word meter is updated by changing the values in the meter’s url.

Excel Spreadsheet: Word Tracker 2012

Created by SvenjaLiv, this lovely Excel Word Trackers is year-round and has a separate sheet for each month. The pack contains 3 .xls files with instructions on how get started.

Excel Spreadsheet: Edit Tracker

SvenjaLiv also created a spreadsheet to keep track of your editing progress.

iPhone App: WriteChain

WriteChain is a free iPhone app for writers to keep track of their daily word count, whether you’re taking part in NaNoWriMo or just busy with your work in progress.

Android Writeometer App

Writeometer lets you keep track of your writing goals on your Android phone. That’s all for now folks. Have fun keeping track of your writing!

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