Writing Better Dialogue for Screenwriters

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Thanks to StumbleUpon, I discovered an intriguing video about writing better dialogue for screenwriters. Even if you’re not a screenwriter, you can still glean a few tips from examining the craft. Writing good dialogue goes hand in hand with creating believable characters.

Writing Better Dialogue and Advancing the Plot

Dialogue whether in film or literature, should be realistic, convincing, and interesting. Dialogue should advance the plot or the character’s growth in some way. If the dialogue fails to accomplish some advancement in the story, then you may want to cut those idle sentences.

In the following video, screenwriter John August presents a brief revision of a scene between two actors. He explains why writing better dialogue is vital and how to keep a conversation fresh between your characters. August has worked on the films Big Fish, Go, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Prince of Persia, and Corpse Bride.

Screenwriter John August Explains

Warning: This video contains graphic language.


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