F2K Social’s Free Creative Writing Course

F2K SocialWoohoo! I’ve signed up for F2K’s Creative Writing Course. I registered at the site so long ago that I forgot about their free online classes. I think they only offer them every so often. I missed out on the last session but this time I made sure to grab a seat.

The classes are hosted by Writer’s Village University, and the current session starts September 19 and lasts for six weeks. Here’s the link: F2ksocial.com. Updated: Their new website is F2k3.com.

I was looking over the site and it says the courses are free. Totally 100% free. However, there is a book that goes along with the course work that’s for sale. The book is not mandatory and you can do the course without it, which is what I plan to do. Score for the frugality in me.

I’m looking forward to picking some juicy writers’ brains. I’m going to be assigned to a virtual classroom with other students and a couple of instructors. We’ll have homework and exercises and critiques. It will be just like school. I hated school. But this should be different.

I’ll get to write what I want instead of scribbling in accordance to my teacher’s orders. I kind of went off on a tangent there. Anyway, I’ll write a couple updates on my progress and what I’ve learned in the next few weeks.

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4 thoughts on “F2K Social’s Free Creative Writing Course

  1. That looks awesome, Lanise, thanks for posting the info.
    I hated school too, so I don’t think I’ll take the course, but I’ll happily look over your shoulder and copy your homework, so please keep us informed of anything you learn : )

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