F2K Social’s First Writing Prompt

F2K Social

In my last post, F2K Room Assignments, I mentioned my class received its first writing prompt. The instructions were to write about one thing we love or one thing we hate. The word limit was 500.

Now, I hope I won’t be suspended for this. I don’t know whether I should post my homework outside of the F2K classroom, but this particular assignment has ended, and, I figure I’m free to do with my work as I please.

I wrote about someone I love or loved. Here’s my response to the prompt:

Lost Love

Today he’s smiling. I tap my pen on the desk, trying to break the silence in a room full of dead authors. The musk of paperbacks and newspapers hovers thick in the air. Traffic picks up, typing, whispers, a squeaking book cart, and he notices me.

The smile fades from his lips. I hold his gaze but he doesn’t see me, not truly. His eyes used to light up when I walked into a room. They’re only dark and empty now. Maybe he’s blind or maybe I’m invisible.

He’s sitting a table away, beside a ghost. She leans over and speaks sweetly in his ear. They share a laugh. I drop my pen. It’s been two months without him, seems like half my life has passed alone, only living in shared memories like some dusty title on a shelf.

Any words between us are just wasted air. He prefers a ghost, the slightly visible instead of the truly unseen. He’s smiling again and so is she while I’m only a memory.

Submitted: 9/25/12

Maybe my short story is too sappy and doesn’t make much sense, but I had a blast writing it. And that’s the point of it all. Perseverance in the light of mediocrity is a new lesson I’ve learned.

My writing may not be great, but I plan to keep at it with a smile on my face. Writing, like life, takes time to show improvements. I suppose. So far, I’m enjoying this course and the new lesson we received this week.

Actually, it appears that each of the F2K classrooms functions as a critique group. There’s a new lesson posted in class every week. Upon completing that lesson and posting the work to the classroom board, the other students offer their feedback.

As a student, I’m also required to comment on the other students work. From what I’ve seen, each lesson seems to focus on a certain aspect of writing like characterization, plot, etc.

Lesson 1 focuses on role-playing, writing from your character’s point of view. I plan to post an update about lesson 1 next week, once the assignment is over. Just in case anyone’s interested in signing up for F2K’s future class sessions, here’s the link: WritersVillage.com/F2K.

See my next post: F2K Social’s Lesson 1: Class Introduction

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